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The ETN Pusher for businesses, merchants & vendors

Simple orders and QR-code tool for the Electroneum ( cryptocurrency.

Push out payment request via text message (SMS), e-mail, URL (WhatsApp/Messenger etc) with ease to your customers.

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Who can benefit from

Vendors & Merchants for ETN (Electroneum)

Vendors & Merchants

Are you a merchant needing a quick way to display current ETN prices in crowded and busy markets? Our ETN QR-code pusher is here to help!

Takaway business for ETN (Electroneum)

Takeaway restaurants

Are you running a takeaway resturant and need a simple way to push out ETN payments via E-mail or text/SMS message? Our ETN Order Pusher is your best friend!

Hostels, hotels and other accomodation for ETN (Electroneum)

Accomodation & travel

Are you running some kind hotel, hostel or other accommodation business? The ETN Order Pusher will help you get your payments in time.

ecommerce for ETN (Electroneum)


Are you running a ecommerce website? No ETN plugin for your platform? Not quite ready to get the Instant Payment API integrated yet? ETN Push can help you manage the Electroneum orders you get with ease!

Businesses for ETN (Electroneum)

Any kind of business!

Actually any kind of business can have use of sending out and keeping track of their ETN orders and transactions. With a click of a button you can send out requests via text/SMS and E-mail and let your customers pay when they are ready.

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